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Random Dice: GO is a real-time, auto-battle strategy game where every choice matters.

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Active Random Dice: GO VIP Codes

QfUqAexxxxx Get

- Gold x1465K, Gems x469, Coins x92714

WJ0ZYpxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x698, Money x28357, Resources x5642K

Random Dice: GO Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
kKluLUEXJpPJune 29, 2023132
LTY73sflkM04August 1, 2023550
YA2DusJlZxJune 9, 2023915
So1kVwTA6eIJuly 5, 2023697
aIgcfJN9L78June 24, 2023658

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Great time killer and as long as you invest some time you'll have a pretty even win/lose ratio without actually paying for anything. But, if you do choose to spend some extra money then everything is relatively cheap and is geared towards helping you and what you're using at the time. Best of all: ads only when I want them and they're limited to only a few at that. Every update has made it better and not so drastic as to throw your entire set up into the trash. Really want the partners up update

This game is so great and so fun to play but I'm actually starting to get pissed off with the league matches. Every time I try to load in it crashes. It doesn't matter if I log in on different accounts or even if I switch devices. It crashes every time and places so many dice, specifically my white tiger which cannot be placed twice. And I can't even skip the league matches becuase I am on a quest that requires it. I have poured almost 300 gems into league matches and 90% of the time I get kickd

Great concept of the game but a lot of connectivity issues on high speed internet. I would live for the problems to be fixed. Game is great to play when I'm able to get it up and loaded. Edit.. if you don't have the phinox dice or the tiger dice it's impossible to win and not worth playing I've tried getting the dice bit neither of them are even available to so game is pretty much done for until the dice levels are fixed or available to purchase apparently. Not worth spending money either...

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Real-time Auto Battle Strategy Game [Random Dice: GO 1.2.4 Update]
- New Content, Team Match!
- New Legendary Dice, 'Scope' Added
- Star Point System Improvement
- Dice Class UP Balance Adjustment
- Other Improvements and Fixes

[Update is not shown as available?]
- If an update is not shown as available, please completely exit and restart Google Play Store for the update.

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