Raley’s is a well-known supermarket chain that has been serving customers for over 85 years. With a commitment to quality and excellent customer service, Raley’s offers a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and other grocery items. They also feature a bakery, deli, and pharmacy, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all your needs. Raley’s prides itself on supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices, ensuring that you receive the best products while also caring for the environment.

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I like the something extra weekly exclusives coupons that I can clip, but the app is almost unusable due to the problems with viewing lists. Anytime I try to see what's in my shopping list, I get an error message and can't see what I've added to the list. I then have to try to remember what I've added so I can recreate it in a notes app. Major issue if you can't access the list of items you want to buy.

The new update is awful. It may look fancier, but navigating the sale items, coupons, and everything else is clunky and muddled. I also can't even use the app now because the pop-up isn't visible for me to close out on my Android, making it to where I can't interact with the app at all. So I can't use it for coupons or to make my shopping list. Whoever designed this update did a very bad job and prioritized looks over function.

I like the old Raley's app better. The app may be visually appealing, but the function of it is glitchy and cumbersome. It is a hassle to create a shopping list and then have to put it into the shopping cart. I just want to put it into the shopping cart. The weekly ad is not broken up into categories like before. It is just a running picture list to choose from and doesn't allow you to view by category to quickly choose the items you want.

New app review: it's even slower than the last version. Tried to order today. Finally got to the last screen. (It took over 10 minutes to pick 10 substitutes.) I kept having to force stop the app because it kept just spinning/ thinking for minutes. The final screen, with the button at the bottom that I assume would say complete order, never stopped spinning. I waited 30 minutes before I gave up and ordered from the Safeway app instead. Previous rating was 4 stars.

Horrible app. There's a pop up stuck at the bottom of the screen that requires "ok" to be hit before being able to use the app. However because I have an android, the bottom center is my home button and covers the "ok" and there is zero way for me to get around it. This should have been considered. Horrible update, now I can't use the app to shop or clip coupons and the stores don't give coupons unless you use the app....which I can't because of this issue. Just awful.

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