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Rad Dude is the ultimate embodiment of coolness. With his effortless style, laid-back attitude, and natural charm, he effortlessly captures attention wherever he goes. His passion for adventure is contagious, inspiring others to embrace life to the fullest. Whether he’s riding waves at the beach, shredding the skatepark, or exploring new places, Rad Dude infuses every moment with an undeniable energy. Through his genuine nature and genuine friendships, Rad Dude reminds us to live authentically and never settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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5RTLxjaW852December 23, 2023
DZHMpdkUNh153January 13, 2024
Cfs9NPY6L234January 8, 2024
ubOiCmxHhNs312November 30, 2023
g1AdokLOb0395December 1, 2023

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Great game, especially if you like auto battle games (optional for this game). Fun crafting and great post apocalyptic atmosphere. Graphics and animation are entertaining as well. Paying to remove ads is absolutely worth it for a totally ad free experience, and I can play offline for times I don't have a data signal, which is frequent here in the mountains. I wish there was a reminder on the battle screen that tells you where you are in a zone and the zone number. I get wrapped up and forget!

I can't select the skills I want to use while in manual mode for my explorers and in automatic skills do get used. But not all of them do. So some skills are literally useless and it takes away from the strategy for the game. Kinda fun to start, even spent a little money. No big deal, I hope it goes to fixing these issues.

It was OK, kinda got old after a while. If it involved where to find items, maybe a more detailed monster encyclopedia about what moster drops what item would make it a bit easier for grinding. Allin all its a pretty good game though.

Its pretty good was abit confusing at first but understable after playing sometime, wish the dev could the make the camera free to move around cant really see enemy at corners. Doesnt seem like its strategy base just grind and get better items. Overall 7 out 10 for now.

Honestly it's a fun game, bit of a learning curve to the combat and skills but it is well put together. Fuel rods are somewhat hard to come by but maybe I'm just low level. Materials are a bit of a grind, takes quite a bit to craft better gear sometimes but it's a good concept and is satisfying to play.

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Carve Your Survival from the Irradiated Husk of an Apocalyptic World. Reduced max zone level to 1500.
Tap and hold to quickly change zones
Bug fixes!

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