Race Craft is a thrilling kids car game that challenges young minds to master the art of racing. With multiple tracks and customizable cars, children can explore various racing environments while honing their driving skills. From navigating tight bends to competing against formidable opponents, Race Craft provides an immersive and exciting racing experience. Featuring vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay, this game keeps kids entertained for hours. So, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling journey into the world of racing with Race Craft!

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, 10 rubies, 5 diamonds, 20 equipment items, 200 resources, 500 money, 2 special items.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, 5000, 10, 150, rifle, potion, shield, car parts, boosters, fuel.

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YuA2fpT8245October 29, 2023
rWNU2in7yE278September 26, 2023
5khsXBncF416September 30, 2023
H492BbzAt6T865October 20, 2023
bZO7BlJSLa969October 21, 2023

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Race Craft – Kids Car Games Tier List

A good base of a game, but with flaws. I definitely like the concept of building your own tracks, but I would like to 1. Play against other people on their own created tracks. 2. Allow same car choice for local multiplayer so we aren't FORCED to purchase a new car just to enjoy it with a friend. 3. Facebook connectivity for leaderboards. 4. An option to just test/download community tracks and set record times. I do like the game so far but it definitely needs more to keep people interested. Yep.

Fantastic game with beautiful graphics, simple controls and a very immersive track studio. Create a track, race on it, unlock more parts, make a more complicated track, repeat. I love it. I only have 2 gripes. 1. The ads pop up mid track creation which is intrusive and annoying and obstructs the flow of creative design. 2. The advertised "2 player mode" is locked behind a $4.99 pay wall with literally no other way to unlock it. Kinda greedy for a game that shoves ads down your throat every 2 min

A much better version of goldfish go kart. But with far less character to play as. At least it has some mods. It has some similar problems just like goldfish go kart. Usually no cloud saves and not able to share your tracks to the servers. And you only carry up to five tracks and I wish there are more slots to make more tracks locally. And I wish I could make the race longer by setting how many laps.

Thank you so much to create this game, this game has cars, and I love cars, even I like building, and ofc I can build my own track, even though I buy 2 cars, I love them, I can play with my friends now. I'ma unlock all cars if I can, I'll do some Day, but I will never going to forget this game, this is the car game where I can build, and gets upgraded, and gets super charge speed, it might be the kids game, but it's better, thank you race Craft, I love it so much of card I can build, thank You.

Sooo many ads!!!! It's a great game and my boy loves it. But c'mon guys. Is all the advertising revenue really worth a poor gaming experience? The ads really ruin the game play. No joke, you can't make a track without it jumping to an ad every minute. And the extra cars cost $7.99 each. I was really hoping this game would be a better experience than the Budge hot wheels game, which requires a subscription. But it's the same. The second I find a racing game that doesn’t cost the earth, it's gone.

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Fun Racing & Building Tracks at light speed! Children and boys 4-12 years old Bug fixes. Thank you for playing RaceCraft!

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