RACE – Rockets Arena Cars Extreme is an amazing racing simulator with shooter elements in which you will participate in the battles without rules on cool cars. Become one of the fearless participants in survival races and destroy your opponents with a variety of weapons. Rockets, powerful machine guns, bombs and various boosters are available to you, giving you a temporary advantage over your rivals. Explore many locations that will take you to different time periods. Gather a collection of real monsters on wheels, equipped with everything you need to destroy enemies. Upgrade cars to the maximum level to get unique body kits that enhance the performance of the car. Get behind the wheel of a powerful car, armed to the teeth, and crush your opponents in the arena. Your task is to come to the finish line first, without letting the opponents deal with you. Choose your weapon to your liking – an impressive arsenal of bombs, rockets, machine guns and other deadly stuff is available to you. Push your enemies into traps, slow down time, and finish off your opponents with powerful missiles. Unlock new cars and upgrade them, getting unique body kits as a reward and increasing the performance of cars. Enjoy crazy races through amazing locations from different historical eras!

Active RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme VIP Codes

AlsM5Exxxxx Get

- Gold x5271K, Gems x617, Coins x24871

V5slBkxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x214, Money x76324, Resources x2859K

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Codes

List of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
tC3YUxSKAWwJuly 10, 2023936
ZtCYIofmeBu2June 24, 2023933
Nf9x0VReZHMay 31, 2023166
kF7LEM8yv6NJune 16, 2023385
NH9YPZi427fJune 7, 2023613

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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A fun idea, but poor execution. Directional controls aren't really in sync with the video, there were times when the game crashed after or during an ad, upgrades don't make much difference in performance, and after a week it was clear that in order to make significant progress or get another vehicle you need to pay to play. I love the graphics and the idea, but after a couple of weeks I dumped this game.

Graphics are great. Car operation needs work on response and amount of response. Gameplay is challenging and gets proportionally harder as u advance. But I can't play anymore - why? Are u forcing me to pay for play? Everything else works but gameplay. As soon as I started getting close to the last couple of cars - started system crashing. It would be a great game with a few more challenging aspects. Even downloaded beta because I like the game. It got worse. Unfortunately I have to uninstall.

This is honestly a much better racing game than many, many others but also like many others, it's thrown off by a few racotrs that can be easily fixed. For Rocket Arena, it's rather lopsided with 1-against-8 AI unless you remove the homing abilities of the missiles so there's more chance in this game. Otherwise, you're only shot at winning is not upgrading your top speed and simply blowing up all the AI from behind in the homestretch which most certainly becomes repetitive. Brilliant otherwise

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Race cars, fire rockets and win the league. 3D PVP car racing action battlefield Dear players, thank you for playing our game! This update includes:
- Season 4
- New car “Inquisitor”
- New mission type “Checkpoints”
- Bug fixes
- Improved performance

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