RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is an adrenaline-fueled racing game that pushes the limits of speed and excitement. Strap yourself in and get ready for an intense ride as you race through futuristic tracks and battle against rival rocket-powered cars. With its stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay, RACE offers an immersive experience like no other. Blast your way to the finish line, outmaneuvering opponents and utilizing power-ups to gain the upper hand. Are you ready to dominate the Rocket Arena? Start your engines and let the race begin!

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A fun idea, but poor execution. Directional controls aren't really in sync with the video, there were times when the game crashed after or during an ad, upgrades don't make much difference in performance, and after a week it was clear that in order to make significant progress or get another vehicle you need to pay to play. I love the graphics and the idea, but after a couple of weeks I dumped this game.

Graphics are great. Car operation needs work on response and amount of response. Gameplay is challenging and gets proportionally harder as u advance. But I can't play anymore - why? Are u forcing me to pay for play? Everything else works but gameplay. As soon as I started getting close to the last couple of cars - started system crashing. It would be a great game with a few more challenging aspects. Even downloaded beta because I like the game. It got worse. Unfortunately I have to uninstall.

This is honestly a much better racing game than many, many others but also like many others, it's thrown off by a few racotrs that can be easily fixed. For Rocket Arena, it's rather lopsided with 1-against-8 AI unless you remove the homing abilities of the missiles so there's more chance in this game. Otherwise, you're only shot at winning is not upgrading your top speed and simply blowing up all the AI from behind in the homestretch which most certainly becomes repetitive. Brilliant otherwise

great game !!!. edge of your seat stuff !!!. entertaining and challenging at the same time! some control settings take some getting used to but overall a great game!. you can buy upgrades but not necessary to play the game a big plus!!! there are so many good games out there you need to buy upgrades to continue the game but this is not one of them 👍. brilliant graphics and sound and not full of adverts another big plus 👍 warning this game can be addictive!!!. have recommended to friends 😁.

Update rate is too high, I updated 4 days ago and it is asking for another update. In addition, after updating the whole app, it asks for another update internally when I am about to race. How many times do I have to update???

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Race cars, fire rockets and win the league. 3D PVP car racing action battlefield Thanks for playing our game! This huge update we made for you and includes:
- new VIP access. Ad-free & Daily Rewards: Unlock a world of benefits – 2500 coins, 1 blueprint, 1 chest, 10 crystals, and 50 experiences daily.
- fixed the issue with the chest reward
- minor bug fixes

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