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QR Code Scanner & Scanner App Reviews

I don't normally write reviews. However after downloading this app I use it the first time and not only did it work properly but it brought up picture and web search of exactly what I was looking for. It does have add an ad that pops up every time when you go to use it. But you can hit the close button and immediately close it like no big deal. If you're not very computer savvy and you just want an app that does what it says this is the one for you. Mitchel.Jeffrey.Disch Wisconsin..

Terrible! It kept taking me to websites I did not scan for. I was trying to set up my blood glucose arm meter and this app took me everywhere else but where I needed to go! You don't mess with someone's health, especially when it is a significant health issue! Even though it is free--buyer be ware! I uninstalled it after three attempts to use it. DEFINATELY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

5/24/23- this app used to be so awesome! Now it takes forever to load and i have to "skip video" after watching it for how ever many seconds just to get it to work?!? Deleting. And have already found another one that doesnt make you go thru all that just to add an app to your tv 🙄🙄. As i said before, id happily pay $3 or $4 to remove ads. But its not even an option.

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