Prizefighters 2 is a fast-paced arcade fighting game with pixelated graphics and a large selection of fighters. Take control of a boxer and help him climb the career ladder. Go through a difficult but exciting path from a talented novice athlete to the best boxer in the world. Take part in fast spectacular fights, upgrade your ward’s skills and unlock new skills. You are waiting for fights with serious opponents who do not forgive mistakes and misses. The game has got great graphics in pixel style, more than 20 characters with unique skills, an exciting career mode and an amazing atmosphere.

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JoBhCEpGm9k November 30, 2022 647
SFOgjZnJrYXH October 20, 2022 643
fYk9pPH3bh October 30, 2022 411
mHJF7ofjpli December 5, 2022 596
5OmVLaZsBjS December 11, 2022 249

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Career Mode is absolutly astounding, and so is all the customization features you're allowed to change, but, the major turn off for me is the dodging mechanic. It's too overpowered, as all I have too do is dodge to win and I do not loose any stamina for it. I noticed the original Prizefighters had stamina depletion which is what made the game challenging and realistic, whilst keeping the arcady fun to it. Dear develpors I hope you do fix this in the near future and stay safe🙌🙌.

Great game with alot of modes to choose from. The carrer mode is one of the best you will find for a boxing game on the android app. The game is fun and easy to pick up and play for new player but also has diffrent settings to spice up the game play and the AI is very good on the tougher settings. Dont waste your time with other boxing games that are micro cash grabs. Prizefighters 2 is the perfect pocket boxing sim on the android market.

Very fun, like Holyfield pixel boxing 💪😆🥊 back in the day. No need for extremely detailed graphics. Doesn't need to change anything, but suggestion would be to add smoothing, like how they emulate other games from the 90s. The controls are fun and easy to use, (both classic And updated). I've had a lot of fun with it

If you're looking for a fun, old school boxing game to play, this is THE game you want to play. The gameplay feels like classic Punch-Out, but with updates that really give the game some depth. Also the game gives you great customization options and you can even move between weight classes if you want to. I downloaded this a week ago and now I'm hooked. Big recommedation from me. Edit: Just want to throw it out there that their could be more hairstyles.

Actually pretty good game, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite engaging and fun Only problem is the controls are a bit finicky, and the game gets boring after a while, maybe add in different opponents? Like ones with power moves n such like you get towards the end of your career, or just something to switch up the game a bit, and maybe just a tad bit more customization or even a different gameplay mode

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Prize Fighters 2 Tier List

Added a Coach mode to Road to Victory and Boxing GM
Added ability to create multiple belts within one division
Added button to vacate all titles held by a fighter
Added CPU Weight Change setting
Added Total Championship Rounds setting
Added Total Ring Presets setting
Added option for up to 15 rounds
Added shareable highlight after fights
Added 11 new hair styles

Name Prizefighters 2
Version 1.08.1
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (8412 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 17, 2022
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