A price scanner is a must-have tool for any modern retail business. With its ability to quickly and accurately scan product barcodes, it allows for fast and efficient pricing. This not only saves time for both customers and employees but also ensures accurate pricing, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies. Additionally, a price scanner can provide valuable data on sales and inventory levels, helping businesses make informed decisions and streamline operations. Investing in a reliable price scanner is a smart move for any retail establishment.

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Very agressive use of advertisement even before app had any chance to proove that it's of any use. At the end just send you to over platforms to check the price, so probably just googleing would be the same.

Useless, It only returns scanned barcode as dec number and offers to search few sites. I'd like to see product price (or price range) without opening each site. Also very few sites offered.

Nothing you can't do by googling what you are looking for and clicking the "shopping" tab. All without having to watch a choppy ad. No thanks!

Useless app they have written that check the products price but when we open it,it shows that what are you looking for, I will recommend you that which products price are you looking for( just don't install this app) go to the shopkeeper of the product and ask him/her what is the price .It is just a waste of internet and time.🙄😏😡😠

Intrusive adds add outdated functionality

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