Price Less Foods is a well-known grocery store chain that offers high-quality products at affordable prices. With several locations across the country, Price Less Foods is committed to providing customers with a wide range of groceries, fresh produce, and household items. Whether you are looking for everyday essentials or speciality products, Price Less Foods has you covered. In addition to their competitive prices, they also have excellent customer service and a convenient shopping experience. Visit your nearest Price Less Foods store today and discover the savings for yourself.

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Should be called "Useless iga". Looked for stuff on the website and results came back in seconds. Downloaded this app, put the same thing in the search bar, and with variations. Even after 10 minutes it never brought back anything. Worthless app. I am not one to write negative reviews but this is an exception.

Nice app. No problems loading and getting coupons. Wish there were more meat coupons and things like cakes and chips. But overall a good app. Really like the new store in whitesburg ky. It saves me money, and that's always the goal. Great meat and very nice butcher/staff. Hope they stay friendly and helpful, as well as continue the low prices.

I can clip coupons again, finally, but the app keeps stopping according to a msg pop-up. Then the app shuts down. Can it be that hard to get the app working correctly like it used to work? App used to work great, but lately everytime I try to bring up an item in my cart to clip coupon I get kicked out of the cart. Please fix.

Don't waste your time! Can't create an account via the app. Had to create one in the store kiosk. The coupons available at the kiosk are NOT the same ones in the app. There is NO WAY to redeem your clipped coupons. Costumer service just stopped responding when I asked how to get my coupons applied to purchases.

I can't clip coupons anymore. It keeps saying "coupon registration required" no matter which coupon I clip on. I am already registered with an account and I have been for about two years now. This issue just started about eight months ago. I've looked up this message and there seems to be no information on the issue. Or at least I can't find any info.

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See the savings when you shop our cost-plus 10% grocery. Fixed:
+ Fixed unending loading indicator

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