POV Car Driving – Endless highway racing. Twisting tracks, realistic traffic jams, emergency situations, shameless overtaking and speed at the limit of your abilities are waiting for you.

Your goal is to go as far as possible, overtaking all your rivals and resolving random traffic situations. First of all, enjoy your luxury car (inside and out). Don’t forget to turn on the radio, watch for rain (it happens randomly) and collect points and diamonds to unlock new cars. Beware of radars – the developers have placed a few, just to have fun.

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P7IEz8i5djB March 10, 2023 234
9Y6CUfkASVWt March 13, 2023 939
yTRGsk7O0d March 27, 2023 721
jYoEMp6scDn March 24, 2023 377
Mfvu8z2ycQ0 February 19, 2023 172

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The details and precision and steering balance car sway etc are surprisingly stunning to put it simple. Games rarely ever have the graphics displayed in their ads but this is legit. Things it lacks are customizable options upgrades etc and a sense of accomplishment or missions etc. It's literally, all, just, driving. If that's what you're looking for this is one of the greatest games you'll ever find. I got bored quick, but I've been driving in real life for 23 years so...

this is a great game and it has lots of potential. But here are some suggestion. 1. brake and accelerator I hope it can made custom adjustment for size and placement? I always miss the brake and end up crashing because it's small. 2. car turn itself at corner yep.. we hope to have full control tbh.. 3. variable change of time and density of traffic? 4. actual fuel gauge and consumption? Just a suggestion

Would like to play it more but the resolution is bad (compressed) on my device and not pleasant to look at. Doesn't use native device resolution. Also some suggestions, with a driving sim this realistic I feel like we need turn signals and cruise control, and also it's annoying when other cars just change lanes and crash into me with no prior warning and no fault of my own.

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"Most Realistic In Car Driving Game On Store" Appodeal update

Name POV Car Driving
Version 4.9
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (18816 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 30, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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