Post Brutal is an intense and immersive zombie action RPG that takes you into a post-apocalyptic world filled with undead creatures and desperate survivors. With stunning graphics and a gripping storyline, you must navigate through dangerous environments and make life-or-death decisions to survive. Customize your character, choose your abilities, and form alliances to take on hordes of zombies. Whether you prefer stealth, combat, or exploration, Post Brutal offers multiple gameplay options. Are you ready to test your survival skills and uncover the secrets of this brutal new world?

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Started out pretty good. Graphics are fine, not mind blowing. Weapons are super expensive which quickly creates problems for advancement. Bought the extra missions and they are so damn difficult I cant even get through one of em. Which means continual grinding in the same horrid "patrol" missions to get money for a better weapon BORING, 4 stars to 1!!

The face option and the voice thing is so funny. Really good back story I like the missions, alittle repetitive well alot but I don't mind. Only issue is idk if it's my phone but I have to flip my phone around to use the health icon and sometimes the joy stick and trigger stick gets stuck. Other than that it's a fun game.

You can hardly turn while your moving... The controls are some of the worst I've seen. I've never made a game myself... But c'mon.. looks like you spent a little time with it. but controlling a character is one of the most important aspects of the game. Uninstalled within 2 mins. Don't waste your time.

I personally like the freaking thing! It's a game with a gimmick edge to it. The combat is kinda repetitive and the missions can be I guess too unless you're playing the campaign. I give them an "A-" for effort.

Okay at first I thought the game was cool you could put your face on the character and you could play the whole game although the controls are a little bit well a whole lot terrible I thought it was all cool at first and then my face gets removed and I figure out that I have to do that every few hours or minutes I forgot but everything gets erased after a while and I do have enough space so what I'm trying to say here is the main point is that your game sucks and I would really not recommend it

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Capture your own face & voice in this post-apocalyptic action RPG - Try It Free! Post Brutal v2.0.2
>> Build 316 ( ASTC )
>> Build 315 ( ETC2 )

- Upgraded to new Unity Engine.
- Entirely rewritten from JS to C#.
- Huge performance boosts with all-new resolution scaling features (Menu > Settings > Graphics Resolution ).
- Fixed some specific shader and texture issues.
- UI improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.
- Slightly reduced disk space requirements.
- Updated ad networks.

Newly Updated Code: