Portal Gun Master 3D is an entertaining dynamic action game in which you will act as a super agent performing difficult missions to destroy criminals. Instead of conventional firearms, you are armed with a remote control that opens portals. Each level is a logical task. You need to neutralize all the enemies in the location using the surrounding objects. At the right time, open portals and drop enemies into them, or bring down barrels, boxes, chairs and tables on their heads. You will be opposed not only by ordinary criminals, but also by corrupt policemen and even aliens.

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mcNQway061n December 14, 2022 513
PpjeWClqRGy1 December 21, 2022 606
j7i40GKyqY December 23, 2022 966
QFtWk4ezlAs January 1, 2023 826
QMq8nOsgRly December 7, 2022 925

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Too many ads and I'm already repeating levels. Also any time there's a pick 3 to get a skin I NEVER even get 1 out of 3. It's always cash so I'm assuming you have to watch another stupid ad to get 3 more chances and then maybe you get them. It was kind of fun for a few minutes but with all of that I'm deleting it now.

This concept is great, I just wished it was more puzzle based, rather rather than randomly beating up characters so to speak. Much potential...but seems aimed at kids this way. Whilst the original portal game had more depth.

I get that you need ad revenue, I really do. So I don't mind ads between levels. But you put an ad in the middle of a level before it was finished, which disrupts my play and is unforgivably crass. So you get 1* and I'm uninstalling. Shame, because it wasn't a bad game until that point.

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Name Portal Gun Master 3D
Version 1.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (2783 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 30, 2022
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