Port City: Shipping Tycoon is a fun business simulation game where you can build your own shipping company. Start your own business by purchasing a small freighter. Deliver cargo, earn reputation and money, get lucrative contracts. Invest your profits in the development of the business, the purchase of ships and the construction of a port city. Unlock new ships and create an entire fleet in which each ship will reflect the history of maritime transport. Upgrade ships, logistics and cargo delivery speed to complete contracts faster. Make trade alliances with other carriers and build new cities together!

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CodesExpiration DateTotal
aU0BoMOiywDNovember 27, 2022578
MGDV8tz571ueNovember 5, 2022648
ePVsQ9W24LOctober 15, 2022862
JRAb2ItjY3iNovember 21, 2022998
t9aBZibO17POctober 13, 2022956

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Gift Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Watching an ad crashes the game. Sometimes Game is satisfying, but glitchy. Viewing ads to speed things up crashes the game often, more so recently. You can only play once an hour. After you queue everything up there's nothing you can do. Storage is way slow to upgrade. You have to spend $$ if you want to play any more than occasionally. Worst part: you need STRONG reception to play or the game glitches and restarts. You queue things up that dont end up happening. Annoying. But its fun. I guess.

More Like "Crash City", this game crashes every time you try to watch a video to get a reward, and since the last update crashes randomly for no reason and forces you to repeatedly restart the game, sometimes infinitely but it never works or fixes. Would be a great game if they could get the bugs out.

This is a good game. If you liked Trainstation 2, you should like this one. It is exactly the same, but with boat. The game currently resembles a Vegas billboard. When I open the game, a full page ad displays in game items for huge amounts of money. About 1/10 those prices would be palatable for me. Also, since the last update, I haven't been able to watch ads. Tapping on one closes the game. Otherwise, I like this game. It is my favorite.

Initial game play is ok. Passes the time and seems like a good game moving forward. As soon as I unlock next "level", Rotterdam and the game forces me to do specific tasks in the new area. Says I get a free ship and to touch the container to get it. When I do that the game gives me an error and tells me it needs to restart. Literally in an infinite loop right now of this exact same thing over and over again. #lame Update. Dear developer. I will gladly Update my review as soon as the big is fixed

This is not a game..it is a great tool for problem solving etc. As a recent stroke survivor. This program challenges me to improve my cognitive functioning. Having lost all my collections music and house. I have this program to fall back on to keep my mind from other things. Thank you for this program. On a scale of one thru five I rate this app a twelve!!

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Ahoy, Port Managers! Ready to face the unknown? In the upcoming "Dragon Isles" event, you will explore an archipelago covered in mist to search for ships that went missing there. You won't be alone. Two contractors, Clara Loft and Smuggler will be joining you to provide guidance and company.

NamePort City: Cargo Ship Tycoon
Rating4.4 (82894 ratings)
Update1 October, 2022
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