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Polycam Coupon reviews

Captured ok, but the user interface for working with the result flat out sucks. Trying to crop, no matter how you try to position the volume, the object would move with it, never starting in same plsne, finally said no more f's to give and flushed the model. Could not even find an undo or restore to original or even just undo last. UI needs lots of work. Capture actually looked good. If I could have gotten past cleanup, I could have tried other things. For now time to try the rest of similar app

I'm sure the app works fine on the paid version when using clean-cut shots with consistent backgrounds and bright diffused lighting, but my bigger issue is that when you get a set number of uploads on the free version, when processing a file and the upload fails, reprocessing the file eats another one of your uploads. My file failed to process its 230-some-odd shots 4 times in a row, so now I have no slots left, and nothing to show for it. Not happy.

No way to use existing photos in the app, and the website upload doesn't work for more than maybe tens of pictures - not enough for a good result. Taking new pictures in the app, I get lots of failures. For the amount of time to get one good result, I might buy a dedicated 3D scanner rather than pay for the app and struggle. Maybe better instructions would increase the success rate? What's the best background? Do tracking dots help? What about scanning spray? How many photos are ideal?

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