Pokeworks is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for serving up delicious and customizable poke bowls. With a mission to provide healthy and high-quality food options, Pokeworks offers a wide variety of fresh ingredients, including sushi-grade fish, vegetables, and flavorful sauces. Whether you prefer a classic combination or want to get creative with your bowl, Pokeworks has something for everyone. The trendy and vibrant atmosphere coupled with their dedication to sustainability makes Pokeworks a favorite among poke enthusiasts. Visit your nearest Pokeworks location for a taste of this Hawaiian-inspired cuisine.

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- Free Poké Bowl, 50% off any signature bowl, Buy one get one free soy sauce, Free Pokéworks t-shirt, 25% off vegan option.

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- Buy one poke bowl, get one 50% off. Free miso soup with purchase. 10% off total bill.

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9i5c2kLV781October 19, 2023
AZ3vsDU1Og696November 19, 2023
grKqF7etM117October 31, 2023
Li41tRbdT8F243October 6, 2023
7ZQLWAGScf714November 11, 2023

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The new app is worse than the old one, and that's really saying something. I see no option now to get a rewards barcode if I don't order pickup or delivery. I always order in store to eat in, and that's not going to change. Yesterday I sent my receipt to their excellent customer service team, and they added my points promptly, so that's an option.

Horrible user interface. Besides getting locations wrong constantly, and the fact it won't let you reorder an order from just any location, just THAT location. It will let you make an order get all the way to the end, then just say that selected location doesn't carry that. Also, it won't save payment info. There are way better apps for food places at this point. There are too many good ones to have an excuse to have a bad one. So one star, and just won't get food them there. 😒

Scanning the QR code on the app didn't work to claim reward points, so the staff told me to scan the barcode on the receipt. However, since I got takeout, I tried to scan the receipt when I was back at home but got an error: "Guest not within range of a Pokeworks location." Nowhere on the scan page did it mention this detail. This app is even worse than the system they used before, which is pretty bad.

Worse than previous app. For the past 3 orders I have scanned the receipt and I have been given the message of "it is taking longer to find my check". This is a pattern and I feel like pokeworks is trying to get out of fulfilling these rewards point. If that is the case, just be transparent about it, don't tell me "you can't fine my check and that you will add it to my account when you do".

All deliveries automatically deliver to the wrong address. I literally write one address for the delivery and it ends up somewhere completely different (happened both times I ordered). This technical issue needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Order ahead for pickup or delivery and get rewarded for every purchase! Minor bug fixes and enhancements!

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