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Last update September 23, 2023

Pocket Rogues is a thrilling mobile game that brings the excitement of roguelike dungeon crawling to the palm of your hand. With its pixelated graphics and fast-paced gameplay, players are thrown into a dark and dangerous world filled with monsters, treasures, and powerful bosses. The game offers a wide variety of character classes and equipment to choose from, allowing for endless customization and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers or new to the genre, Pocket Rogues is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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- 50 gold, 10 gems, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, 3 potions, 1 enchanted bow, 5 health potions, 20 arrows, 2 magical scrolls, 1 rare armor.

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- 100 gold, 2 gems, 500 money, 3 diamonds, 200 resources, 1 equipment, 5 items.

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Pocket Rogues Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
UkqW6GQS281October 8, 2023
Kxci0hoNJO510October 25, 2023
AGZ95uma4433October 18, 2023
FwcC5ldGi0E899October 7, 2023
1If0eqrKcS382November 19, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Pocket Rogues Tier List

A great game overall, mobs can be very overpowering at times, but with certain utilities, you can overcome them. Some abilities of certain classes are not as fun or useful than others, so the devs should really rework them. But on the bright side, I really enjoyed the 'travelling to each floor not knowing what to expect in them' as I first started out. Once I cleared all of them and got used to it, it became a grind for money and levels. But surprisingly, that's why I keep playing this fun game.

The games fun and easy to pick up and it's expected if you to die. It's got a very steep learning curve, but it's not a bad thing. I think it would be better if the developers hired on someone to properly translate the games original language to English since some of the writing is very unclear and confusing to read. I also think that there's a few bugs and mechanics that should be looked at and reworked to makes sure the game functions fluidly without issues.

A really good game, unfortunately plagued by many bugs at the time of writing this. A shop keeper I can't sell anything too, dying, but reviving and being unable to go below 1 hp, failing to load at all on missions that cost money and item uses to even get into, this wasting it all. I gave 5 stars, because they have a good game, and I want them to realize that the bugs need to be fixed to keep people from quitting.

pretty damn fun for the kind of game it is. its simple, and addictive. been playing for a while. just wish there were more characters, more pets, ability to buy items from merchant, ect. I would def be willing to pay for the 'Ultimate' version if it offered more than what it does. But the free game is def worth a download. Its repetitive, but easy to grasp and play. My 3 yr old loves.

I'm enjoying it so far. There seems to be some great options to progress, while dying again and again and again and again. One suggestion for the dev. In between levels there's a loading screen. The way the game is right now, as soon as it's done loading it dumps you into the middle of the next level, sometimes into an ambush. Instead, could you add an "I'm Ready" button, so I can start the next level when I'm ready?

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Pocket Rogues Wiki

Dynamic 2D Action-RPG with Roguelike elements, completely in real time! - After constructing a new building, the Trapper will appear in the Camp. With his help, you can exchange and upgrade pets directly in the dungeon without returning to the Fortress
- Players will have the ability to lock any item in their inventory. A locked item cannot be accidentally sold, destroyed, or dropped until the player removes the lock
- Players can quickly sell all inventory items to the Merchant, except for the locked ones
- A new pet has been introduced

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