Plynk: Investing for Beginners is an essential guide for those looking to start their investment journey. This comprehensive resource covers everything from understanding investment options to creating a personalized investment strategy. Readers will learn about various investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and gain insight into risk management and diversification. Plynk also explores the importance of setting clear financial goals and provides practical tips for building a diversified investment portfolio. Whether you are new to investing or looking to refine your skills, Plynk: Investing for Beginners is a valuable resource for anyone seeking financial growth and stability.

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Plynk: Investing for Beginners Reviews

The $10 you get for linking your bank account can't be withdrawn. Crypto is a separate account. No option trading. Some of the filters for picking stocks is amusing "women lead companies". (Nothing wrong with women as leaders but there are more important things to consider before investment) . It's super slow as others have mentioned. Research tools lacking. I guess it's kind of new investor friendly but the Polish of the app lacking.

App is really slow in between pages. You gotta fix that. Their is to much lag. The concept is great and app should do well if you can get it to run smoothly while navigating through it. I give it 3 stars cause it great idea and this helps people who don't have big funds. Just gotta fix how slow the app moves. It will scare people off if you don't get it to run more smoothly.

Updated Review: (3 to 4) While the lag issues have improved a bit with logging in, there are still a few items that could see improvement. One is the issue of their selling of shares at a price that's basically unknown until they're sold. You cannot really sell at a price that you set yourself (no limit orders). I did receive the promotions as advertised. And I like that the app offers both stocks and crypto, but the crypto fees are just too much to frequently trade crypto. Overall, a good app.

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