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How to redeem PLAYTIME – Earn Money Playing codes?

To redeem coupon PLAYTIME, enter code at checkout on Earn Money Playing platform to receive discount or bonus credits towards playing games and earning money.

PLAYTIME – Earn Money Playing Coupon reviews

I've not had many issues. Quick and easy cash outs. The only issue I just started having is that the closer I get to finishing a task the payout for that task seems to be decreasing. After playing for a while I've noticed most of my games aren't progressing anymore. Update. Everything was awesome. Until I get in there today halfway through the day and all of my missions are different. It would be awesome if missions would just stay the same and all my game play would be tracked.

Playtime is legit and really does pay out. The games are actually quite enjoyable, however, some games (not all) have ads after every level. I agree with the other comments that the app doesn't track the correct amount of time spent playing and sometimes the coins you receive for achievements don't show up immediately (or at all). I've noticed that closing the app and waiting for a few minutes will do the trick but it's inconsistent. So far I've had no issues with getting my google credit.

Moving goals and modifying payouts is the worst and downright dishonest. For example, I've been playing one game for months, spending money from time to time, and one of the milestones was completing 100 levels for $150. That goal has been there for months and as soon as I get to level 80, I get excited because I'm getting so close to that $150, only the goal changed to 80000 coins for reaching 100. This equates to about $20 Amazon credit... very frustrating.

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