“Playground: Sandbox Horror” is a spine-chilling tale of an abandoned playground where a sinister force lurks beneath the innocent façade of a sandbox. As children innocently play, unusual occurrences begin to unfold – toys move on their own, chilling whispers can be heard, and ghostly apparitions make themselves known. With each passing day, the playground becomes a nightmare for anyone who dares to venture near it. This harrowing story blends childhood innocence with bone-chilling terror, leaving readers on the edge of their seats and rethinking the safety of seemingly innocent play areas.

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- 1. 50 gold coins, 20 silver coins, and 10 bronze coins. 2. 100 gems, 30 potions, and 5 health elixirs. 3. 200 credits, 15 boosters, and 8 mystery chests.

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- You received 25 sand shovels, 10 buckets, 15 jump ropes, and 5 creepy dolls!

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Playground: sandbox horror

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E60CV1UXFebruary 17, 2024
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XFZOPCM5VApril 1, 2024
FBL3ZGQWY89February 29, 2024
4SZ5B23E10April 2, 2024
A9V5F4ZEFebruary 22, 2024
KV14NIHGFAApril 8, 2024
3MPE0BD9QFebruary 27, 2024

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Playground: sandbox horror Review

This game is fun with the ragdoll physics's, i love how the zombies can grab you! That is a probably the greatest idea on this game, but for the 4 stars is because you have to play it only in Online mode, or you didnt do it. Fix it! I really like this game and everything is perfect :) but i don't like how the throw/shoot button work, it sometimes disappear. Anyways have a great time and hope your god bless you! -Your truly ___FAN___

Good game pls add new maps but mainly more weapons . I love the system the game is working the team should make similar game with idea of characters with superpower with same system. If more impoved it could be one of the best games .good luck.

it's not bad. but I have an idea. how about you met and level called The dark Forest. it's a type of forest infested with zombies. there's a house in the forest. it's a church. and you only have one minute to leave the forest. before they chase you. you have to go through obstacles in order to run.

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