Plant Empires: Arena game – in this colorful strategy you will be transported to the world of plants that bravely fight against the army of zombies. Take command of the base and help the flower team deal with the walking dead. Each of the plants has special combat skills and abilities. Merge similar fighters to get a more powerful warrior. Develop a strategy for conducting combat, taking into account different types of enemies. Properly arrange your units and change their location right during the battle. Defeat powerful bosses in decisive battles and get valuable rewards.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
8V2xetrzdbp March 23, 2023 415
VQD8esdS7hWk February 18, 2023 579
36CWrLqieM February 3, 2023 288
z5dbOFoMq0n March 25, 2023 651
pCyO1RNVX5K February 15, 2023 568

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(Cant connect my wallet to your game, pls fix this issue) its already fix, thank you for your hard work, now the only thing that bothers me is that it needs a really good net connection, its hard here in provinces, good job

It is hard to buy and sell plants. You guys must make a way for us players to connect or to trade easily our plants via in-game marketplace. Me and friends love this game but trading is too hard for us.

Im enjoyed the play but the arena is my disappointment why do i have to fight the highlevel im only have low plants fix it rofi for more enjoyable game i rate this highly if this game is correctly match the player

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Experience the super intriguing zombie game in Plant Empires + Added pool farm information;
+ Added effects when using skill plant;
+ Other bug fixes;
+ Optimized performance.

Name Plant Empires: Arena game
Version 1.0.37
Price FREE
Rating 4.7 (17269 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 25, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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