Planet Ant is a great strategy that will help you learn a lot about the life of ants. Take care of the management and development of the ant colony. Help the queen to correctly plan the location of living cells, arenas and tunnels. Keep track of the number of inhabitants of the colony – the more there are, the faster and more successfully your empire will develop. Breed new types of special ants, send them in search of resources and capture new territories. Find reliable allies to fight together against strong enemies and grow. Bring your anthill to prosperity!

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WbwrvNlDfUA January 3, 2023 229
8y167XJAMGdZ December 4, 2022 842
6mjQLuZSyk January 28, 2023 939
tliG8WQLfSm January 8, 2023 247
Sh0MfLi7qIb January 12, 2023 958

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Game is cool. Not like what the advertisement showed of ants actually fighting other creatures and showing the battle. But it does have little fights it shows later on in the game. Definitely not as good as the false advertisement. But downloaded it anyway, gave it a chance. It's like a build your army game. Collect resources, all that stuff. It's addicting.

It's a pretty game with well drawn envormemts. But it's comfusing and has a learning curve. You learn about diffrent ants and what they're good at. I would like to be able to zoom out more. There are to many buttuns on the screen, which take away from the pretty any mound and make it hard to see.

It's OK but the graphics are bland. It would be nice to zoom out or page to another screen that shows the total layout of your base (ant hill). Kind of convoluted gameplay. Lots of small interconnected details/operations. Also I spent $5 and can't get access to everything purchased without buying an additional $10 package!

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[New Contents]
1. Added Lv.35 Lizards;
2. Added Special Ant Awakening to Brown Rogue; Enhanced the Promotion effect of Proatta's Awakening.
1. Optimized the participation requirements for the Duel of Queens (The Queen has to reach Lv.17);
2. Optimized the abnormal lizard shortage on the non-season map.

Name The Ants: Underground Kingdom
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (925353 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 29, 2022
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