Plane Wars 2 is casual entertainment, the main events of which unfold in real time, moreover, they look like short game sessions. You need to focus on pumping, according to the plot, a confrontation began between 3 tyrannical and free forces, it is the latter that your character leads.

In principle, comparing with the first part, it can be noted that the gaming experience periodically changes to worthy modes. It is necessary to show not just ingenuity in order to become a winner, it is rational to concentrate aircraft on worthy positions in order to defeat the enemy unexpectedly. It is better to take into account the functionality of some structures.

Active Plane Wars 2 VIP Codes

P0g5r6xxxxx Get

- Gold x4569K, Gems x381, Coins x46187

1noat7xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x485, Money x62519, Resources x4567K

Plane Wars 2 Codes

List of Plane Wars 2 Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
Ujpc5PY7EZzJune 17, 2023252
0lh3E82XtJPvJuly 28, 2023512
BVUlXOyNrJJune 26, 2023359
hDc19jbPLfAJuly 11, 2023771
5FMvb07WegNJune 4, 2023789

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Plane Wars 2 Tier List

The game doesn't start after few days playing. Reinstalled it. Always ask to rate the game although I've already done it.

Awesome game, giving 4 stars because some levels almost impossible to complete

Very repetitive. You just have to upgrade your bases as quickly as possible not much challenge in the game. Uninstalling after about half an hour's play

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Plane Wars 2 Wiki

Strategic air battles on your device - control improvement
- some levels made little bit easier
- minor UI improvements

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