Pixel Zombie is an addictive mobile game that will test your survival skills in a pixelated zombie-filled world. Play as a fearless hero and navigate through the post-apocalyptic landscapes, combating hordes of pixelated zombies along the way. Utilize an arsenal of pixel weapons to defend yourself and gather resources to strengthen your character. With its retro-style graphics and intense gameplay, Pixel Zombie offers an exciting and challenging gaming experience. Are you ready to take on the undead and become the ultimate pixelated zombie slayer? Play Pixel Zombie now and find out!

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Pixel Zombie Tier List

This game is quite eye popping. Graphics and weapons are cool, plus the way the levels roll. My only problem is that the play area is way too small and there is no aiming down your gun (no point of the gun's fancy optic then)

This is a very great game. Polygon graphics, cool weapons, but much as this is a very fun Z shooter, you do need to fix one glitch, and that is that I saw the zombies walk over the water in the sewer map.

Not bad at all but location and size of buttons should be optional in settings. Such as the grenade the health and swapping guns button. Other than that I recommend it sure.

I love the game the graphics the guns but i noticed that in a mission you can get stuck when you finish the game and there are no adds unless you want bounus money

The best game I've played in a while you can upgrade your weapons get weapons fight off really cool zombies too I freaking love this game its so fun!

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FPS shooting offline game where you move freely and fight zombies Map Update
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