Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle is an addictive game that will test your logic and reasoning skills. The goal of the game is to fill in the correct cells on a grid to reveal a hidden picture. Each row and column has a set of numbers that indicate how many cells should be filled in and how they should be arranged. With hundreds of challenging puzzles to solve, Pixel Cross will keep you entertained for hours. Download the game now and start unraveling the mysteries!

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dHuC9FBV139January 4, 2024
7SvdgKsCi1828December 23, 2023
EfgwYuNUy972January 10, 2024
CTuZLESw6gh788January 9, 2024
4WScVAN8QJ518December 12, 2023

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Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle Tier List

I hate games like this. They make up random maps and there are ones that cannot be beaten without using a "hint" or pure trial and error. I've beaten every "very hard" one without running into one of these, but plenty in the "hard" ones are unbeatable with the info given. On top of that there are too many ads. And one last note, the in-game music is some maddening garbage jingle on loop. Good luck.

Terrible. Ridiculous that I have to wait for jewels in order to even play. This is one of the worst nonogram apps I've seen just for that. And on top of that, some of the "very hard" levels are actually impossible without using coins on hints. And of course there's ads, which would be fine for a free app if everything else wasnt so infuriating. would rate 0/5 if I could.

It's a fun puzzle game. Makes you think hard and has some fun pictures revealed at the end of solving. The one thing that is kind of annoying is that you can't get above 10 gems without waiting for the daily bonus or paying money, which make it so you can't get a lot of puzzles unlocked quickly. If that's was fixed I'd totally rate 5 stars.

Too many ads, I would actually pay money to remove some, or a sub or something. Otherwise, the amount of gems required to play some of the larger puzzles mean that you may have to wait a whole day to play one puzzle, just one. In terms of the puzzles, I've completed about 20, and only about half of them even make the correct picture when completed. Some of the blocks filled in don't reflect in the finished picture at all. Too expensive, and you watch more ads then puzzles played. Crazy.

I originally loved this game. The controls were easy, the graphics were nice, and the pixel pictures were fun. I especially liked the different worlds with the animated pixel settings behind the board. Then the recent update removed logic. The numbers don't give you enough to deduce anything, and you end up filling in via trial and error. Half the time what I came up with to win the puzzle looks NOTHING like the pixel image I'm supposed to be making. Had to stop playing at that point.

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