Pixel nonogram cross is a brain training game with pixel graphics, great interface. It is a logical puzzle that consists of a grid, which consists of cells that must either be filled in or remain empty in accordance with the cell numbers that the given image has shown.

This game has a lot of informative pictures from various topics. In this game, you can improve your logic with more difficult puzzles. There is auto-save here, with which you can save the progress of a puzzle that you could not solve, and you can return to it later. There are hints in the functions, the ability to return or cancel. No need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Beautiful pixel pictures seem to come alive on your phone screen, start playing soon! You can train your brain while sitting on the couch, it’s very convenient. Autosave will help you out if you suddenly close the tab with the game or your device turns off. There is no urgent need for constant access to the Internet connection. A beautiful stylish design, a simple and convenient interface, an original idea – the developers of this application have focused on these things. There are hints, if suddenly you are in trouble and do not know what move to make, use them.

Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle Codes

List of Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle Codes

Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
ZwxqoO71MWR April 22, 2023 661
PGuO14amzr7I April 26, 2023 975
OA2P7xzRye May 2, 2023 978
X50BArVanjI March 21, 2023 753
pDmxKdbFUWP March 14, 2023 975

How to exchange the gift code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle Tier List

It's always been ad heavy, but now the rewarded ads don't play for long stretches of time. "Video not yet ready", but the non-reward ads play fine immediately before the reward button is up. Controlls are a little clunky, but usable. The gold can be used to replay puzzles and earn a couple diamonds, but that's nothing compared to what new puzzles cost or how much the ads earn you. Biggest improvement needed is raising the 10 diamond cap on time earned diamonds. Why even bother at that point?

The puzzles are fun and not too hard. My only complaint is that I've finished every puzzle and there are no new puzzles for me to do.

Too many ads, I would actually pay money to remove some, or a sub or something. Otherwise, the amount of gems required to play some of the larger puzzles mean that you may have to wait a whole day to play one puzzle, just one. In terms of the puzzles, I've completed about 20, and only about half of them even make the correct picture when completed. Some of the blocks filled in don't reflect in the finished picture at all. Too expensive, and you watch more ads then puzzles played. Crazy.

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Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle Wiki

Picture cross logic numbers with Classic Sudoku! Reveal fun hidden Pictures! Improvement of game performance and stability 🔧

Name Pixel Cross – Nonogram Puzzle
Version 5.6
Price FREE
Rating 3.7 (5035 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 12, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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