Pixel Match 3D is an entertaining puzzle game for adults and children that will help you spend time in a fun and useful way, as well as develop logical thinking and attentiveness. Your task is to cut out the desired figure from a folded sheet of paper. Use the laws of symmetry and try not to make any mistakes to complete the level with the maximum number of stars. Gradually, the complexity of the tasks will increase and you will have to make more and more efforts to correctly solve the puzzle. The game has received many levels, minimalistic graphics and pleasant music.

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wlGjkrzC697 December 24, 2022 405
kXRJ3D1zSsYd December 15, 2022 669
WDrA23PNz4 December 14, 2022 383
p8zGykJrH15 January 30, 2023 718
rVMH3XbSoea December 16, 2022 306

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The game is simple and addictive, and I had a lot of fun with it, but the game is really short, with only 228 main levels and about 15 bonus levels, each of which only take around a minute each to complete. There's also an ad after every completed puzzle, making for a very annoying experience if you don't buy the ad removal. I can see myself enjoying this, but the shortness holds it down quite a bit.

It is a very easy game that doesn't increase in difficulty. What you see in the add is pretty much what it is like every level. The gameplay is easy enough and the graphics are okay. The amount of ads is pretty high, but unfortunately expected on a free game like this. I'm getting rid of it primarily due to the lack in challenging levels.

I'd rate it higher if the game didn't show me how to fold and unfold every single time, though that's fairly minor. The real reason for the low rating is that the ads take longer than the levels. These levels are pretty easy so they are fast... Probably less than ten seconds. And then it tried to show a thirty second ad between almost every level. I get that a free app does need to advertise but that's far too much. Will be deleting. Not going to support that by paying for ad free.

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Made some bug fixes.

Name Pixel Match 3D
Version 1.1.24
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (12984 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 5, 2022
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