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“Mosaic Heroes – The Brave Loves the Evil Dragon” is a high-welfare pixel-style idle RPG masterpiece. You will play the executor of the goddess of light to prevent the demons from awakening the lord of the demon world “Kantas” and save the turbulent magic world Eamon’. Here, you can meet and recruit heroes of various races with unique skills, form your own executor team, and thwart the conspiracy of the demons; you can also explore the unique stories behind each hero and experience an epic and magnificent plot!

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Active 馬賽克英雄 – 送1024抽 VIP Codes

h2YSA3xxxxx Get

- Gold x1635K, Gems x359, Coins x87632

ldWXJbxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x458, Money x38459, Resources x7418K

馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 Codes

List of 馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
IGZQh87cCBlMay 6, 2023953
Nzi4DkOlXgyaMay 4, 2023616
c2uZ4aE7vJApril 5, 2023814
XOYg31TUH4vApril 6, 2023837
MDtoLO41mkZMay 3, 2023128

How to exchange the gift code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 Tier List

Gameplay is great for casual gamers like me. Character designs are amazing, and beautiful. The character skins are amazing, very different than their original counterpart. Best of all, purely cosmetics. The developers hand out premium rewards so generously here, I had to recharge some diamonds, as a thank-you. Biggest issue I have, is I don't know what I'm doing half the time since there's no English language and voice acting. Please put effort into more language, developers! Please!

Excellent game honestly. I'm US but enjoying it despite the Language barrier. I know others are asking for an English version, but really, just a change in language option would genuinely be more then enough for most US fans imo, especially ones like myself that enjoy a little spending to support the devs :) Keep up the wonderful work!

Really enjoying the game. Just needs an English version. I have no idea what most of these skills do! Still a great game though! Very time friendly, lots of premium currency so you don't feel left behind completely by other players.

馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 Coupon Codes

馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 Wiki

Super popular RPG pixel adventure 【更新內容】
● 最佳第七人,援軍玩法;
» 更多玩法規則,請前往英雄的布陣界面查看。
● 女神節慶典,為愛打call;
» 更多玩法規則,請等待活動開啟後,前往女神節慶典界面查看。
● 登峰造極,武神領域開啟;
» 更多玩法規則,請前往武神殿的武神領域界面查看。
● 遠古豐碑新發掘 - 皎月之碑;
» 玩家等級100級,且遠古豐碑收集度達500點後解鎖;
● 時光頌歌新增章節 - 遠古龍裔 莫奈;
● 全新暗裔英雄登場:
» 蛛毒藥師–特蕾莎(暗裔);
» 英雄定位:魔法/束縛劇毒;
» 英雄特性:束縛/劇毒/引爆疫病;
» 更新完成後,蛛毒藥師已經可以從圖鑑中預覽了,快去和元氣少女問好吧!
● 全新時裝,限時出售:
» 霓虹魅影 - 特蕾莎;
» 青空暢想 - 伊爾蕾婭;
1. 增強金色裝備的升星、強化和精煉屬性;
2. 修復神域集訓營紅點不在神域界面顯示的bug;
3. 新增熔岩礦脈的自動挖掘功能,人物等級120級或VIP9解鎖;
4. 部分英雄技能描述優化;
5. 優化部分界面顯示;
6. 其他已知bug修復

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