Set sail into this thrilling adventure with “Pirate Sails: Tempest War”. Battle against fierce storms, treacherous rival pirates, and mythical sea creatures as you navigate the high seas. Upgrade your ship, recruit a loyal crew, and uncover hidden treasures in your quest for ultimate plunder. Unleash powerful cannon attacks and strategically outsmart your enemies in exhilarating naval battles. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Pirate Sails: Tempest War will transport you to a world of swashbuckling action and daring escapades. Get ready to hoist the Jolly Roger and become the true king of the pirates!

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AJzbuRhr576December 18, 2023
9OpT4ijkvZ935December 30, 2023
jI1a5UZ9M932December 7, 2023
9DyzesqY7NX911December 6, 2023
gUVf9aKnxC473December 9, 2023

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Pirate Sails: Tempest War Tier List

Super pay to win . There is no point of saving up gems for extra worker or VIP points ,WHY? Because everything is temporary (eg:24hrs) How stingy can you be? ROFL. No skill required, only money is needed, other than that,just tap tap tap. Probably possible to max everything in one day if you have money. No challenge,no skill needed ,only money needed, NO FUN!

Do not play this game it constantly has glitches. I played for months and then it would not reload I contacted them numerous times with a generic reply that someone would contact me. If you do play DO NOT waste your money.

Seen one pay to win, seen them all. Build up an army. Upgrade every building in the exact sequence they tell you to. Whooo, love these games on rails.

It's basically Vikings: War of clans. Full p2w,full of Russians. Events suck. You can't get diamonds from events or gameplay once you complete all quest. Second building queue is way too expensive.

it's Vikings but in 3D lol. being in 3D is cool but if you dont have the lastest greatest phone with Wi-Fi it crashes alot. Very graphic driven.

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MMO RPG Strategy Game! Build your island! Join the legendary battle!

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