Pirates Legends is a colorful adventure role-playing game with strategy elements and exciting sea battles. Become one of the pirates and team up with the legendary filibusters to show everyone who rules the sea. Hire the best corsairs, create a powerful team and go on an adventure. Fight on land and sea, show the skills of an experienced strategist, defeat numerous enemies and capture countless treasures. Upgrade the skills of your pirates, equip them with the best weapons and use the fastest ships for raids. Become one of the most powerful sea robbers!

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
yMBC8KrveS6 January 28, 2023 628
Ya435vHptLck January 20, 2023 235
IDnhLZ4dS3 February 13, 2023 811
6Zd5jao12qH March 3, 2023 780
tgu8B6R1Yd7 January 23, 2023 885

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I played the game for about 7hrs straight. The gameplay became super repetitive and boring. However; I did keep going as I was still unlocking features and hoped it picked up a bit. During that I was hit with some paywalls and wanted to progress further so I made a few purchases. On the last one I didn't receive my items and for me I do not tolerate it in the slightest. After that I just requested a refund and uninstalled.

I did have a higher rating, but things have changed. I have played this for a long time now and I was enjoying it thoroughly. Unfortunately though, the developers have decided to take away certain free aspects of the game in exchang for paid items, and have no updated game modes since I started playing. Graphically, it's a nice game, but you get to a point where progression is ultra slow unless you spend money. Lots of potential for this to be amazing, but as it stands, I wouldn't recommend.

The game has a lot of potential, but at this moment it is unplayable. Can't even get past battle 1-6 because it won't even start. I would hit the battle button a million times and nothing happens. All the battles before it seem to work fine, but as long as this problem persists, I can't unlock the rest of the game's features.

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Get crew on the battleship, and conquer the seas of the Caribbean! Bug fixed and system optimized

Name Pirates Legends
Version 5.0.0
Price FREE
Rating 3.6 (1156 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 18, 2023
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