Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to set sail and embark on an epic adventure in Pirate Evolution! In this swashbuckling game, you’ll start as a lowly pirate and gradually evolve into a legendary captain. Recruit a crew of fearless pirates, upgrade your ship, and plunder treasure from the seven seas. Battle rival pirates, sea monsters, and more as you conquer the ocean. Will you become the most feared pirate of all time? Sharpen your cutlass and test your skills in Pirate Evolution!

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Been playing for a few months now, put a lot of time into the game and it's a good time waster. Latest update has added a storage system which was very needed, thank you. But, they've changed the resource harvesting method which means all the work I did to unlock and upgrade the various rocks/trees/plants has been a waste and now it takes even longer to get resources for upgrades, and have to fire the game up more often to make the most of the timers. Game also lags and no endgame content.

I love this game. It's a resource merging type game which successfully captures the sense of adventure and exploration. Also the battles do rely on skill - it's possible to take down a tough boss if you are both skilled and lucky, without having the most upgraded weapons. No ads too! I only have one complain which is why I can't give it 5 stars. In order to progress to the next level, one of the required quest is to spend gems, which I feel is lame. Just let me save up for rare crew!!!

I changed my rating to one star becuase the game stated to bore me you have to level to much just to find out that you have to level more just to unlock another piece of the map. But overall the game was fun. All thats missing is a way to save your progress and play on more then one device. If you can maybe put in a way to save it would be great. Thanks.

this game truly lacks depth. I got tired of attaining resources, fighting the same ships, and routinely checking in to get further ahead. It felt more like a chore than a game. if one were to spend money on this game, they would become so strong that they would skip all of the challenging parts to this game. game has potential, just needs to fix its severs from occasionally not saving data, making leveling up rewarding, and adding more challenges to the game.

Really enjoy the game. Few things I'd like to see. Lower respawn times for ships,end up with large amounts of time with nothing to do, also ability to zoom while in map mode. Few bugs, ships on map show they have respawned but when I go to the location it's still just a timer, they do spawn on normal intervals but on the map it shows them as there al the time.

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