Pipes – Plumber Simulator is an original puzzle game with beautiful minimalistic graphics and pleasant music. Your task is to connect water pipes in such a way that water from the source flows to the plants. Create a magnificent garden and relax while watching your planted plants grow and bloom. Keep your green spaces well maintained and watered by connecting pipes to water. Be careful – the number of rotations of the elements of the plumbing is limited and if you do not solve the puzzle, your garden will die. Plant, water and enjoy the exciting process of creation!

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
2lZpAVq9cfJ May 11, 2023 717
MeQsGp9UtCwB March 24, 2023 244
o1k0VYUeXK May 10, 2023 958
l8OGi4f6Wrh May 19, 2023 251
uxySUWkzQRX March 21, 2023 502

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I really like this developer's first game. I didn't find this one nearly as challenging and/or engaging. The first 100 levels were a good challenge. After that maybe every tenth one was a challenge. The others were really...stupid...It felt like an ad machine with little reward. I pretty much have up after level 500. There just wasn't enough. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for purchase, just idle gaming.

Update: I have decided to update to 5 stars because I can use hints to get the pipes off the screen to move into place. But it is still a little annoying. But it should not affect the rating. This studio has made several amazing games and are locked into a groove of delivering soothing, minimal puzzles. Developers, this is a great game, but I cannot pass level 20 because the playing field is too wide and is cut off on my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Can you please update the game? Thank you.

Relaxing, while still moderately challenging (I'm barely level 25+, it may change later). Decent, minimalist graphics with a soothing musics and soundeffects. Worth using headphones. Unfortunately, the peaceful experience are often ruined by ads. I believe that permanent banners at the lower part of the screen and double rewards vid-ads and retry-level ads are enough. No need for between level ads (has ad-remover tho). Lots of Google Achievements (hard to get and low exp tho) and cloud save.

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Connecting the pipes and cultivating relaxation in a unique plumbing game. Small bug fixes

Name Pipes – Anti Stress Plumbing
Version 1.6.4
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (969 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 21, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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