Introducing PicMa, the AI photo enhancer designed to take your photos to the next level. With PicMa, you can instantly enhance the quality of your images, bringing out the vibrant colors and fine details. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just love taking photos on your phone, PicMa is the perfect tool to make your images stand out. Its advanced AI technology automatically analyzes and enhances your photos, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster photos and hello to stunning, professional-looking images with PicMa. Elevate your photography game with PicMa – the ultimate AI photo enhancer.

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PicMa – AI Photo Enhancer

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PicMa – AI Photo Enhancer Reviews

Unable to try it out; it indicates trying is possible, but the option to do so doesn't function. Instead, you're given two choices: try unlimited or premium trial. I avoid trials, especially without the ability to test basic features first. Past experiences with short-term trials automatically converting to long-term commitments have made me cautious, as it can lead to unexpected charges.

Complete garbage. AI packages are a rip-off, and it freezes at the upload image screen. I had to request a refund on the AI package and the monthly sub. 2.99 for 7 images is crazy when other apps will give you 200 images for that price. **I corrected the price. It's actually worse. $2.99 for 7 images in one hour. That is with the pro discount.

I was enhancing some images that were a bit blurry and the horror when it processed there was a face of a man sticking his tongue out it was so creepy! I'm beyond disgusted and furious I pay for this app and use it for most of my photos I can't believe you guys would do something like this it's horrible and very unprofessional they amount of creep to go to that level to add something like this to your users photos! I need a refund of all the money I have spent on your app !

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