PickCrafter is an addictive idle craft game that will keep you entertained for hours. Start with a simple pickaxe and mine through a variety of different biomes to collect precious resources. Use these resources to unlock new pickaxes, upgrade your skills, and earn virtual currency. The game offers a variety of challenges and mini-games to keep things interesting. With its colorful graphics and easy gameplay, PickCrafter is a must-play for fans of idle games. Download it now and start your crafting adventure!

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- 100 wood, 50 iron, 20 coal, 10 gold bars, 5 diamond pickaxes, 2 ruby blocks, 1 legendary armor, 5000 gold coins.

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- Gold, Gems, Money, Diamonds, Resources, Equipment, Items: 100, 50, 500, 10, 200, 1, Pickaxe, Hammer, Shovel, TNT, Chest, Energy.

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QgBCAImf422November 5, 2023
EyIhfxriWg693October 23, 2023
QkNxtwziV862October 17, 2023
M2AGodLNpP1918November 1, 2023
N7Li2MWK5C425September 24, 2023

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PickCrafter – Idle Craft Game Tier List

This game is AWESOME! I played this game a few years back and i am SO happy i came back! this game has an awesome minecraft/cookie clicker-esque vibe to it and I love it! It has such a wide range of pickaxes, and diverse sprites to where it doesn't seem like it's like the same thing over, and over again. And it's amazing how there are absolutely zero popup ads too! This prevents the user from going into a throw-your-device-across-the-room scenario and keepsThemHookedForAWhile.KeepUpTheGreatWork!

It's a good game overall. It has a lot of interactive mechanics that make it more than just a regular idle game. However, there is 1 problem: the massive wall that is cheese on the moon. Its spawn rate is extremely low, and it takes a ton of sponge to make it. Personality, I like to get every biome item and pickaxe before moving to the next biome, so maybe it's just a problem for me, but if you could either increase the spawn rate or decrease the furnace cost, that'd be great.

Still enjoying my idle picking game. I love how it rewards for logging in but doesn't penalize being away. Really makes it relaxing and enjoyable. I can put in as much or little energy as I want, and it doesn't take away from gameplay. My only suggestion is regarding the gen mob. The wheel takes forever, and you can't do anything while it's up. So if a creeper pops up, I can't hit it till the screen goes down. Making it so I can still navigate, or tap to some degree, would be nice.

Addictive. I do have a small feature I'd like to see added and that is the fact you have to click the pickaxe you want to upgrade to see how much materiel is needed to upgrade it. For example maybe a little icon that's like 250/500 beside the pickaxe, just so you don't have to keep clicking on different picks to see how much more materiel you need. It's not that important but it's one of those "slice of life" ideas. Thank you.

I've played this off and on for years now and I keep getting drawn back because it's just fun. I hate the fact that even though I have played for years, I still have yet to get a large chest on the spins or to find a pick in one or get the special seasonal ones. It does get kinda old quick but I like the fact you can uninstall and come back later when you want to without losing progress. Would be nice if it wasn't so ad dependent though.

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Mine gems, collect pickaxes and discover treasure filled biomes in PickCrafter! Changes
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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