Looking for a fun and creative way to showcase your photos and memories? Look no further than PicCollage! With PicCollage, you can easily create stunning collages, cards, and posters by simply dragging and dropping your photos into a customizable template. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful photo grid for Instagram, a personalized birthday card for a friend, or a striking poster for an event, PicCollage has you covered. Its user-friendly interface and extensive library of stickers and backgrounds make it the perfect tool for unleashing your creativity. Download PicCollage today and start telling your visual story!

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PicCollage Reviews

Used this app for years. Last year it stopped changing text color, everything was black or white. Couldn't get rid of outline. Customer service said to uninstall, then reinstall. Lost a lot of collages I reuse since cloud will only store 20, but could use colored text again. Well lost use of changing text color again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times and still can't change text color. I guess I have to find a better photo editor app

I pay for this app. It's not super cheap per year. It crashes constantly. It will freeze to where I have to start all over. Every day it seems to be a new issue with it. Today, it won't change the font color. Why? No clue. I've been using it for YEARS daily for my business and that's the only reason I don't switch, but I may be cancelling my sub and going strictly to Canva, finally. I feel like if I pay $30/year on 2 devices for a pretty simple photo editor, it should work consistently.

everytime I try and make something, randomly when I'm making it, it will just show a white screen then ask me to select a picture and it won't save the collage I was working on. very sad because I like this app! will be deleting if it doesn't get fixed soon. 💔 (if you're having trouble with the watermark, just save and then crop it in your photo editor. )

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