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Persona: Beauty Camera

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How to redeem Persona: Beauty Camera codes?

To redeem a coupon for Persona: Beauty Camera, enter the code at checkout to enjoy discounts or free features for enhancing your selfies and photos.

Persona: Beauty Camera Coupon reviews

I only just now found out - by seeing other Android users' reviews - that the cartoon filter isn't available for video, if you don't have an iPhone... If I had known this sooner, I wouldn't have restored my subscription, thinking it was a bug or error. Very disappointing. I've seen the effect in action on TikTok, and it looks amazing! MAKE THIS AVAILABLE FOR ALL USERS AND NOT JUST IOS!!

This is a paid app only. You edit a photo with the basic features but once you click save, it takes you to the "purchase" subscription page, and doesn't let you go any further without paying .. so nothing of this app is of any use to anyone unless they want to pay for every single feature. Wanted to use it to make cartoon pics of my dogs. I'll find a better app.

I like the things you can get it to do with a photo but you are very limited on things you can do. They keep advertising their pro version that cost, I think $79.year but you can try it for one month for 9.99. It wouldn't let me save the picture they fixed, keep advertising the pro version. I guess you can't save any on the regular app. It also had no instructions of how to do the different things, that aggravated me, I don't know if I did it right or not.

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