In 2048 Penguin Island, players embark on a thrilling journey to a magical island inhabited by adorable penguins. With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, this game offers endless hours of entertainment. The objective is to combine tiles and create new penguins until you reach the elusive 2048 penguin. Strategize your moves carefully, as every move counts! Unlock new penguin species as you progress, each with its own unique abilities. Can you conquer the island and become the ultimate penguin collector? Find out in 2048 Penguin Island!

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- 100 gold, 5 rubies, 3 diamonds, 2 equipment, 200 money, 50 resources, 10 gems, 1 item, 20 rubies, 500 diamonds

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $100, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, rare equipment, 5 powerful items.

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2048 Penguin Island Codes

List of 2048 Penguin Island Codes

Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
su5Qtz4Z888October 17, 2023
5auxh7EqJO912November 3, 2023
di8UhbxCM319October 3, 2023
9JC8PkLjS3c824October 15, 2023
tJGVvbrY9u763October 27, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

2048 Penguin Island Tier List

Like the concept, like the little critters, like all the collecting... I previously found myself stuck needing items on the last 4x4, but now I have far more items than I need on the early 5x5. And the music gets repetitive quickly.

Adoreable & so addictive. The homes you build are bright & quirky, everyting is beautiful from the penguins to the lands & homes. I want to climb into their little world. Opening up new lands keeps it interesting. I really love this aswell as the cat & hamster version. It,d be amazing if you could make a zoo or wildlife version with a variety of animal types in one game or have a land for all the bunnies then the next level is a land for ducks, then next level, a land for monkeys, or turtles?

Reinstalled game and it is running fine. The gift box doesn't appear.

Take Kitty Cat Island and swap the adorable cats for adorable pengiuns, switch up the values on the fish and the order of the islands and that's Penguin Island. Same Tui fishing, same costumes (baby shark 4 lyfe!), same islands. I don't like the ads so I paid to take them off (worth it). Love this game and love everything else from these devs. <3

I loved and have nearly completed Kitty Cat Island, and I'm looking forward to completing Penguin Island. It's a great way to numb out at the end of the day.

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2048 Penguin Island Wiki

2048 with Penguins! Enjoy the 2048 puzzle to build your Penguin island - Resolution optimization
- Fixed bugs

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