Pearl’s Peril is an exciting hidden object game that takes you on a thrilling adventure. Join Pearl Wallace as she unravels the mysteries surrounding her father’s untimely demise. Explore stunning scenes and find hidden objects to progress through the game. Immerse yourself in the beautiful and detailed visuals while solving challenging puzzles. With a captivating storyline and engaging gameplay, Pearl’s Peril is a must-play for fans of hidden object games. Download now and uncover the secrets that lie within Pearl’s Peril!

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swbOAu3YtM286January 13, 2024

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I love this game. I've been playing for years, but over the last few days, I can't play at all. Like the game opens, but nothing works. I don't get the ads after loading, I can't collect coins or open any features, I can't open menus, nothing. I've restarted my phone, uninstalled, and reinstalled the app on multiple devices, so in know its not just me. I can't get to the "contact support" menus to try to resolve this issue. I'm not thrilled.

This game is going to be exactly like the other "detective" games. Few rewards for game play. And if one wants to succeed, one will have to pay to play (and often). These games would be so much better with better rewards and less expectation for us to continuously pay to get thru with any amount of getting ahead. Great idea that got greedy very fast. Every complaint is the cost, lack of rewards, very little progress. 3 yrs ago you said you were going to improve the game, no changes.

I love this game. It has a great storyline, the graphics are good, the challenge is very good. I have only 2 complaints with it: some of the screens are hard to make out the objects because of being too cluttered, too dark, stretched too far, etc. and not a very good "bang for your buck" especially as you progress in levels. I choose not to pay for coins and cash but even if I did, it would take too many coins to purchase the decorations to advance. 40000 coin decorations gets you 1 1/2 levels

Already, I love that there are more scenes(which is a fun mystery, btw).I feel there's a nice balance between that and game play. I totally plan on playing this game for a long time! I do have issues, though. Finding certain decorative items can be a pain, despite the filters--especially while decorating and I lose the object I want to place then I have to search for it all over again. Finally, I don't have a Facebook account, nor will I ever. Can we have alternate saving methods, please? <3

I really enjoy the game, it's easy to just get lost in it. I can only play for about 5 minutes at a time, however, then you run out of energy points. If your can afford ask the micro purchases it's probably a blast! It's really difficult to accrue game dollars. If your a student like me you can barely afford real life let alone virtual energy, coins, and dollars. I think it would also be more fun if you gave rewards for getting first place on scenes, like extra game dollars or something.

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Search beautiful scenes. Find Hidden Objects. Unlock a round-the-world mystery! EEEK! BUGS! – We noticed a few tiny bugs in the game, so we squashed them. Thanks for letting us know about them.

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