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Paysign® Coupon reviews

Edit: FINALLY got the card registered...almost a week later. Bumped to 3 stars, but after the hassle of it all that's as high as I'm going. Garbage. I just got back into donating plasma and they have changed the card provider to these people(why is beyond me as the BoA card/app worked just fine). The app AND the website refuse to move my registration past inputting my email and making a password. Incredibly dissatisfied.

The lock/ unlock feature has never worked making me have to call in to do this. I've had this card since October 2023 the fact it hasn't been corrected is pissing me off. The service rep told me to reinstall, I did and doesn't make a difference. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! ALSO THERE SHOULD NOT BE A DECLINE CHARGE😡 NO OTHER CARD I OWN DORS THAT. I'm donating plasma and Should not have ridiculous charges for doing something good. Bad enough the donor fees are lame.

I got a card from CSL plasma I register my card and I was getting $50 from my donation but every time that I check my balance on this app the app will automatically charge you just to check your balance so if I had $50 and I would check my balance it will say I have $49.94 (I definitely don't recommend you to get this app and register it's not worth it your money will go down)

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