The Pavilion Touch Edition is the ideal laptop for those seeking a seamless and intuitive computing experience. Featuring a vibrant touch screen display, this laptop allows for effortless navigation, whether you’re browsing the web or editing photos. With its powerful Intel Core processor and ample storage space, you can confidently multitask and store all your important files. The sleek design and lightweight build make it perfect for on-the-go productivity. Experience the future of computing with the Pavilion Touch Edition.

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This is less a game, and more of a tech/hardware demo. Specifically, it seems like Pavilion was designed to showcase gameplay based on eye-tracking hardware, and was later ported to mobile devices. The lack of narrative & tutorial content, and the simple gameplay with odd controls, is appropriate for a new hardware gimmick; but when you strip away that gimmick, all that's left is nice graphics and sound, but not a game worth playing.

I was enjoying the game reasonably well until I came to a level that seems impossible. You are supposed to lead the character through his house by pressing lights. I have tried and tried, but cannot get the radio thing off or else when I do get it off I cannot get the three lights in the bedroom on simultaneously. I have watched a walkthrough, and still cant get it. You cant just start the level from the house either. You've got to go all the way back to the beginning. It has ruined the game

Love the concept, leading through using the enviroment rather than controlling a player but takes getting used to. Look is beautiful while chaotic (might compare to Escher). Mechanics and touch controls work great all without handholding. Its flaws are due to its chaotic level layout, you can get confused on what to do/where to go, with puzzles lost you have to reset level, and a bit confusing transparent story as well but with its few flaws and excellent refreshing gameplay its worth the price!

Waste of time. Slow, clunky, unenjoyable. Difficult because of the clunky mechanics and messy style rather than the cleverness of the puzzles. Feels half-baked at times, e.g. collect objects (e.g. photos, telescope) for no reason, visual glitches looking through telescope, arbitrary walking path/character movement, strange "you can break through the boards with the elevator" part, etc.

Honestly at first I wasn't sure whether I buy the game or not and after I started playing even though the structure and the game design was pretty good l thought cheap and tawdry of the puzzles but after l continued playing, the puzzles became more and more creative and astounding. I gotta admit I started to love the game; it's just magnificent. Really looking forward to see more amazing puzzle games from you guys.👍👍👍

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A fourth-person puzzling adventure Minor bug fixes.

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