Parcels are a convenient and efficient way to send packages and important documents securely. Whether you are a business owner shipping products to customers or an individual sending a gift to a loved one, parcels provide peace of mind knowing that your items will arrive safely. With various shipping options and tracking services available, you can easily keep track of your parcels and know exactly when they will be delivered. Choose a reliable shipping provider and package your items securely to ensure a smooth delivery process.

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*UPDATE* (from ** to *****) I originally cancelled my subscription a while back because the tracking was way off and the automatic archiving that was often won't was driving me crazy. The tracking problem is fixed and the automatic archiving is now a setting option. Plus they added a thumbnail picture of your order when you import from aliexpress which I love! A feature I would like would be the ability to make an archived package active again. Occasionally I hit the wrong button or package.

When I first downloaded the app it was awesome, and updated the status faster then the actual carrier sites. I also like that I can track all my packagrs in one place too. However, recently the status is either not updating, or it takes forever. What happened to this app? Its just not working. 😯 If it starts working again I will change my review. thank you. 🙏

I have been comparing this app and another, similar app side by side. One thing that I've found is that this app takes a lot longer looking up tracking information for a number, but is way more robust and doesn't need manual fiddling for tracking numbers. There was a couple of days where the app refused to work, but that has since been resolved. It also has a way to sort packages by last update which I find extremely handy and useful. I paid the $3.50USD/year for the update notifications, which work great. Overall, there are some improvements that could be made to the app, but it does the job and I'm happy with it.

Easy login to AliExpress and Amazon! Now I don't have to manally search for and enter my tracking numbers. Joom was easy to sign in to, but I have yet to make a purchase to see the app in action yet. I wish it would let me log in to Ebay. Each time I try after entering my credentials and completing the verification it goes right back to the login. Wish it would allow logging in to more than one account at a time, let you delete logins separately, and had a one time premium payment option.

I ended up purchasing the 1 year subscription. Not because i have any need or use for it but because i really appreciate the app and especially enjoy reading it's creator's responses to snooty reviews. It's a nice breath of fresh air from all the American and Asian apps full of bugs, over complexity and extremely user unfriendly interfaces that make no sense. This app is straightforward, has everything you need and nothing else, save for adds which; get this, are easy to see but not in the way.

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Track all your packages from eBay, Wish, Shopee, UPS, FedEx, VOVA, Shein Update Aliexpress import to skip completed orders

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