Paralyzed is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing a loss of movement and sensation in various parts of the body. This debilitating condition can be caused by spinal cord injuries, strokes, or neurological disorders. Living with paralysis can be extremely challenging, as it hinders independence and everyday activities. However, with advancements in technology, there are now devices and therapies available that can help paralyzed individuals regain some mobility and improve their quality of life. These include assistive devices, physical therapy, and even brain-computer interfaces that allow for communication and control of external devices.

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- 500 gold, 3 rubies, 2 diamonds, 10 gems, 5 equipment, 1000 money, 20 resources, 1 item, 50 gold, 4 rubies.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 wood, legendary weapon, healing potion, speed boots.

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ndL3H4oE577October 7, 2023
fY9Oo6RNZj685November 8, 2023
v4AtsKR9Q939October 31, 2023
TWfGyti6I2U516October 17, 2023
dphcJG4X9U682November 5, 2023

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I was very excited and the game seemed very promising. At first, it was perfect, then on level 2 I suddenly couldn't jump! At all!! Not even on previous level and the tutorials. So obviously I can't pass the level... Also, there are an infinite number of adds that are really long with no skip button that are driving me insane! The game is basically getting to the load screen, add, get to the level screen, add, click on a level, add, can't jump so you lose, add!!!!!

The ads. It's understanding that an app would have ads, but almost every time you die and not being able to skip. That's not the best idea. With most apps and ads, there would be a skip button or something along those lines. But not at all with this. "Oh, I died, now I have to watch an ad and not have any choice in it. Or, I could just exit the game and take twice as long just to get through the loading screen" That right there basically sums up the entire game. And I was so excited about it too

This game has very pleasant graphics, sound effects, and music. The jumps should allow for a fraction more forgiveness, otherwise the controls are good. I find it very annoying that there is a Christmas theme being applied in mid October. Christmas annoys me any time, but especially out of season.

Came across this and thought I'd try it out. Sounded like a good game. Not even an hour later and I've now removed the game. This type of game shouldn't have ads pop in mid game, I'm fine with it coming up after but this was ridiculous. I couldn't even get completely through the tutorial because a ad would pop up in the middle of me jumping or switching. If that was fixed and removed I'd be happy to try this again.

I started playing this game, then stopped for several months and when I came back, could not remember what the controls were, and it would only let me start from the middle of the tutorial, apparently past the point where it explains the controls. There's no way to restart your progress, so if you ever forget how to play, sucks to be you. After a dozen frustrating attempts to remember, I decided to just uninstall it after leaving this review. BUT THEN when I switched apps to the play store, it forcibly switched me back to the game in order to show me an unskippable 30 second ad. What would have been a 2 star review is now just a 1 My advice; try something else

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A frantic adventure platformer! Download now!

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