Welcome to Paper Plane Planet, a world where your imagination takes flight! We are dedicated to spreading joy and creativity through the simple joy of paper planes. Our collection features a wide array of unique and innovative designs, perfect for both kids and adults. From classic models to advanced aerodynamics, we have something for everyone. Join us as we embark on a journey of adventure and discovery, where the sky is the limit. Let your paper planes soar high and explore the endless possibilities of Paper Plane Planet!

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- 10 resources, 5 items, 1000 gold, 2 gems, $50, 3 diamonds, 1 ruby, and 2 equipment pieces for Paper Plane Planet.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, $1000, 10, 500, sword, potion (x3), shield.

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sKdDZI61865November 5, 2023
JEs2C1j9PO361October 6, 2023
Rte2BFd6s603September 23, 2023
mJ9vueVqwtA612November 14, 2023
TJOEoRsZPy930October 23, 2023

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This is a brilliant idea for a game... Im sure there are better ways to incorporate ads, though. The ads are just kind of thrown at you every few plays. Im fine with ads, it's just the way it interrupts the flow of game and basically irritates you to the point that you dont want to play anymore. However, You can purchase the ad free version for just two bucks... ...wait a minute!!

I think the he is pretty solid, the mechanics are satisfying, the way the player gets freedom to explore the world as they please is perfect, upgrading your plane is well balanced, and the cosmetics system is fun and rewarding. the one thing that brings it down for me are the required ads. I know of plenty free games that make ads optional, but of course I know that that method isn't as profitable, so I understand why it is the way it is.

A good time waster for about 5-6 hours of gameplay. Decent game; can be played offline. Ads aren't terrible. Only two planets totalling about 80 places to "discover". After the second planet is unlocked, upgrades are only as relevant as the player wants them. Levels past 25 are pointless and, though there is a counter for them, I haven't discovered anything important about finding balloons.

Fun time killer! Quite a few bugs though, for instance, if you've leveled up your throw strength and air glide quite a bit, then fly under the first big arch, just about when you hit the airflow right behind the arch it counts as your plane having landed and ends the run, so I've had to fly around the arch every time I start a run. Also it's difficult to tell exactly where your plane is due to the lack of depth in the graphics. But these things aside, I find this game very fun!

Simple, beautiful, rewarding game that's not hard per se but it's a lot of fun. You could easily power through this is maybe a couple of hours if you can't find one of the beacons but even once you do, just watching the planes fly (especially my fave, a black X-Wing) is just relaxing and fun. Wish they would add more planets to explore though

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It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's a Paper Plane! Minor changes to optimize the game. Have a good time!

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