Painter Master is an entertaining casual game with puzzle elements for those who love to draw or who want to have fun and have fun. Your task is to correctly draw the missing detail and turn the drawing into a finished masterpiece of painting. Each level is a logical task. You need to determine what element is missing on the canvas and draw it. If the part is recreated correctly, the level will be completed. The game pleases with a large number of exciting puzzles with increasing difficulty, colorful graphics and simple controls.

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X7ncTfC2Bs3 January 26, 2023 326
Z04dcRjYaEWt January 12, 2023 857
AzYcaGU0Kl January 14, 2023 689
M4w3hpAS9rE December 12, 2022 302
yr6JxA0hmiL December 16, 2022 111

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It teases you with a big number of diamonds at first and then reduces it and keeps reducing it. If you infinitely divide something by two you'll never reach your number goal. It sorta does that, as soon as you get close to 2000 it reduces to 0.1 and then 0.001. It keeps going. Even at level 100, you still are unable to redeem your prize. (For all of you who haven't downloaded the game, there are two redemption goals, reaching 2000 diamonds and going to level 100.) Overall a waste of time.

I just started playing this game, its fun at the start but gets boring. I stopped watching ads and I'm just trying to get the 100 levels one since it seems easier. There really isnt that many ads it's your choice to watch an ad and there is also chest that come every level and you can open one for no ads at all. I havent won anything yet but I also havent met its standards. I'll alert yall later.

This game could actually be good if it wasn't for the mass amount of ads that make it impossible to quickly progress through it. Some levels you may take two second to clear the wall, but will spend an extra three minutes waiter on unavoidable ads. The ads are far to frequent for the game to actually be enjoyable.

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Bug Fixes.

Name Painter Master
Version 1.2
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (146259 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 29, 2022
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