Pako 3 is a dynamic arcade racing game with action elements and addictive gameplay. Your task is to help the robbers escape with the stolen money from the police chase. At your disposal a large number of cars with their own characteristics, which can be unlocked by successfully completing tasks. Don’t let law enforcement overtake you, collect bonus items that will give you an advantage over your pursuers, defeat strong bosses and enjoy breathtaking crazy races. The arcade received a simple but addictive gameplay, an impressive fleet of vehicles and great music.

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Lots of content, lots of cars. I love all the game modes, keeps it fresh. I only play in 3rd person so I haven't played anything in isometric view but 3rd person feels more fun. Once you get a feel for the car handling it is fun. The only thing is the extreme aggressiveness and cheap enemy spawns are too common when they just appear in front of you.

To start, why is this game isometric??? It makes it so hard to differentiate between driveable surfaces, walls, pits, hills, etc. Pako 2 has a perspective camera and it is so obviously better if you switch between the two. The addition of new modes doesn't mean much when the game is nearly unplayable due to the camera. Pako 2, looks better, has adjustable resolution and has a way better aesthetic all around, especially when it comes to car selection.

Stoked to see another one of these! Lots of new stuff compared to its predecessors. More game types, not just the same ol cat and mouse thing. Although, I feel like there's way too much topography going on for an isometric driver. I keep driving off cliffs I don't see. It's hilarious! Also, no brake? I know Pako Forever didn't have a brake, but this game plays so smooth and runs so quickly, I think it would be a valuable tool at every drivers disposal. Needs a few tweaks, but it's the best yet

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Recent changes:
+ Bug fixes
+ New "Capture area" game mode with 14 levels
+ Change Camera view in Pause menu
+ New Getaway level
+ Change resolution in Pause menu (Performance boost for low-end devices)

Name Pako 3
Version 1.0.5
Price FREE
Rating 3.2 (1125 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 29, 2022
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