OutRush is a casual fantasy game. You control an aircraft that conquers fictional fantasy worlds. The game is divided into levels. The further, the more difficult. You have to reach the finish line by flying through a narrow space avoiding obstacles.

The plane will need to be lowered and raised. Further, the higher the level, the more tricks the aircraft will be able to perform. All this is complemented by beautiful, well-designed graphics, interesting design in retro style. The application will last for a long period of time – there are quite a few levels. It’s not boring to play, everything is very dynamic and interesting.

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HZ0xMqYwbsa February 5, 2023 783
bZ8Bany7xzM6 March 21, 2023 583
nEFYKlPCqs March 13, 2023 916
NuljdRk0ZYz February 7, 2023 725
B6zpixAuXJe March 10, 2023 182

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My current opinion of the game is actually 3/5 but I'm giving a + 1 for being a responsive dev. My main beef with the game is that the controls are not responsive. The last update fixed a lot of it but I still think that it could be more fluid. And the speed up attack duration need to be balanced. I have died way too many times simply because the speed up either ends too soon or way too late. Maybe adding a way to deaccelerate would fix it. Edit: The landscape mode update was a huge improvement.

Great 80's style ship runner game, awesome graphics & sounds effects--except the horrendous control lag made it unplayable. Playability is everything. I tried adjusting the swipe sensitivity and tried the button controls, but they weren't customizable. As an experienced retro gamer, it was clear this game couldn't keep up with my control inputs on a premium phone. It's a shame as I really thought I found a good retro game. With control improvement, this game could be great, but far from it now.

Excellent reflex game! The graphics are great, the controls are intuitive, and the levels are challenging. It's hard without being frustrating. Quick frantic levels means play is great for a casual spin and hardcore play alike. There are occasional between-level ads but they're all single screen and unobtrusive (and the ad-free unlock is cheap- the dev has earned every penny). The swipe controls feel like a perfect natural fit for the game but the button controls are just a bit more responsive.

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An Synthwave inspired action arcade game that will bring you back to the 80s. - Maintained IAP and ads implementation.
- Removed Kochava analytics due to possible malicious behavior.
- Removed WavePiercer ship due to possible likenesses to IP.
- Changed icon to more attractive version.

Name OutRush: Synthwave Action
Version 6.8
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (369 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 31, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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