Our Empire is an exciting and extraordinary turn-based strategy game with several modes, in which you will be able to visit different historical eras, defending your country from enemies and developing the economy. Choose one of the states, develop a development strategy and quickly adapt to constantly changing conditions. Learn new technologies, create an army by choosing the right types of troops, successfully repel enemy attacks, capture new territories, expand your borders and lead the country to prosperity. Create your own cards and come up with interesting scenarios for the development of events.

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Lvux96oU23 December 31, 2022 156
maxd2wNFY4y December 23, 2022 924
Ut2LD5Fc8uC January 17, 2023 976

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Excellent game, has almost all countries, simple but numerous mechanics, a lot of units, technologies and different maps. Every match is customizable and you can save a lot of matches. With no intrusive ADs, this game deserves more attention. It only lacks multiplayer to be perfect.

I like the simplicity and mechanics of the game. Only thing is that it's painful to move multiple armies across long distances. It would be nice if there was an option that would automatically move the army towards a tile-unless it would engage in a battle or step in a tile where there is a nation you don't have army pact with. Also there is not much point to the cheaper army options. Even with a small nation it's better to save up for the more expensive ones, maybe they could require research.

I thought that this game was decent and has a lot of potential. So far I have not run into any problems and encourage further development of the game. In addition some things that might make the game more interesting is if you add a more involved diplomatic system and make the economy have more of an affect on the game. Also, I saw some reviews about crashing and lag but I think they might just have low quality phones because my phone had no problems running the game.

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- the libraries have been updated to meet the requirements of Google Play.
- added social media and important news.

Name Our Empire
Version 0.3b3
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (4215 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 28, 2022
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