OuO is an entertaining and unusual casual game that will help you relax by creating funny faces on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You can interact with the cute face by touching the display with your finger and watch the funny faces the face makes in response. She reacts interestingly and differently to touch: she smiles, squints, is surprised and gives out many other emotions. The face can be pissed off if you stubbornly poke it in the eyes. Have fun and have fun watching the charming muzzle! Even if you don’t touch her, she will make a grimace or wink at you on her own.

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tTXgdRkrGbS January 12, 2023 625
vmW3YBuJpHMf January 10, 2023 277
7hbB068cxW December 18, 2022 335
D2GwrZNQlIT January 24, 2023 434
0pjKueIMVX1 December 25, 2022 356

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It's a great game, with all of those cute and adorable faces, I'm all cheered up. Although, from time to time, sometimes, it gets boring. Most likely because there are only a few faces, nothing else. I'm not asking for much but, mind adding a few things? Like a few mini games with the face – or singing. Something like that. You can get examples from the game •Keylimba•

It's absolutely amazing. It's adorable, and relaxing. The only thing is, that it's only just that : a face that you can touch. There's nothing else, really.. It would be really cool to implement this as an interactive wallpaper app or something like this, which I think would make it even more interesting. As other people said in the comments, this app could get minigames and stuff. In other words, it has a lot of potential. The concept, at the moment, is great but quickly boring.

Love this app. But it's getting boring after a while. Why don't you add some mini games as it is in OuO Melody of Friendship. There also are a lot of options to customize your OuO companion. Would be great to see the same here. Hope I've been helpful 😃

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New on 1.3b:
-Added an on-screen options button for users without a menu button.

On 1.3:
-Tilt to the left or right to wink
-Face selection menu
-0u0 now reacts to being left idle for a while and picking him up again later
-Also reacts to being plugged to a power source
-Sleep prevention mode to prevent the screen from turning off
-The mood bar can now be manually modified
-Changed shake behavior. It now requires a longer and more violent shake.
-Settings are now retained after closing the app

Name OuO
Version 1.3b
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (79855 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 1, 2022
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