Name Ottoman Wars
Version 3.4.9
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Rating 4.1 (92580 ratings)
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Update January 14, 2023
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The era of the Ottoman Empire is full of secrets, mysteries, adventures and large-scale wars. In which you can participate in the game Wars of the Ottoman Empire. Feel like a brave warrior who defends the honor of his homeland.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
VquNLfziZyE February 28, 2023 186
DXa5M4qm6VGd January 15, 2023 1000
Sshyt7L5Ux March 4, 2023 307
XuUShnQEjwc January 16, 2023 132
v3oa8GxcnZw January 25, 2023 676

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Really shocked to see downloads it should be more than 10M+! Really smooth gameplay,best strategic game.It is online but requires really less data as compared to other games. The thing to be improved is uses of gold,as i have many gold but i cannot use it.It need updates. Everyone should try it. I would be extremely happy and everyone else if a fight can occur in open areas and we can arrange our armies in a particular style,wow cool if happen.There no such game saddly.

The graphics is good. But the game crushes whenever I click the ad button ( watch now button) and the ad does not come, rather the game starts up again (from let limon games title in black background). I gave it a five star for the previous versions last year when I used those versions in the other mobile. But this time it looks problematic. Solve this issue limon games else you'll lose a lot of dedicated gamers for that

Disappointed with the bugs and painfully slow upgrades The developers have not fixed a bug where the leaders, and physicians get stuck while crossing gates. Also, the new server has such low resources in war loots that you can't upgrade your buildings at all. The old server is still better. Most people will quit playing on the new server if nothing is done.

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Online & Real-time & 3D & Strategy Game - Rewrite the Ottoman history!

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