Welcome to ORLEN VITAY, your one-stop solution for all your fuel and car care needs. With our wide network of fuel stations across the country, we ensure that you have access to quality fuel wherever you go. But we don’t stop at just fueling your vehicle. At ORLEN VITAY, we also offer a range of car care services, including tire pressure checks, oil changes, and car washes. So visit your nearest ORLEN VITAY fuel station today and experience the difference.

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Be careful when you pay via this app. If payment is broken, it won't notify you that payment doesn't pass. And later you will be called from police for gas stealing as me haha :)

I am very disappointed about the app. I've been collecting points the last 3, 4 years. My phone broke, i bought a new phone, install that app and it doesn't let me login. I changed the password too. I can't log in. Looks like all my points are gone.

Edit. I'm not going to use it for a long time now, so there will be new versions coming and resolving the problems, I'm sure, and I appreciate the developer's response to the review. . Logs me out. A big hassle when there is a queue of people waiting to pay and you play with your phone.

Can't register for no reason. Horrible app.

No english interface. Was planning to use the app for EV charging while traveling through Poland.

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VITAY in a world of comfort! With this application you can collect points VITAY, Changelog:
W nowej wersji dodaliśmy możliwość zdobywania punktów VITAY za zakupy u naszych partnerów.
Wprowadziliśmy też kilka usprawnień w module ORLEN Pay.

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