Onmyoji: The Card Game is an exciting new addition to the Onmyoji universe, bringing the mystical world of Japanese folklore to life on the tabletop. Fans of the popular Onmyoji mobile game will appreciate the stunning artwork and immersive gameplay that captures the essence of the original. Players will summon powerful shikigami to compete in strategic battles, utilizing unique abilities and tactics to outwit their opponents. With a variety of game modes, deck-building options, and a growing community of dedicated players, Onmyoji: The Card Game offers an engaging and rewarding experience for both casual and competitive gamers.

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- "Rare card, 100 coins, 2 energy crystals for Onmyoji players."

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- 1. Rare card pack x2, gold coins x500, spirit stones x300

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Onmyoji: The Card Game

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1OGZ4KRTMarch 20, 2024
OHRUXDAJ7GFebruary 27, 2024
NL85C10JQFebruary 17, 2024
2CG0OZBAT6PMarch 16, 2024
6EC9VUXOJTFebruary 27, 2024
196KE8AVApril 13, 2024
ZXC9RGB7E2April 9, 2024
64WXSRVTDMarch 5, 2024

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Onmyoji: The Card Game Review

EDIT: There are some frustrating, game breaking glitches, but otherwise the actual game is perfect. For example, I was not allowed to use two cards in my hands. Another example was that I was not allowed to redraw a card from my starting hand. Please fix the bugs I actually love this game. It's so fun and the gameplay feels unique. The art is amazing and the animations are smooth and beautiful. It's everything I wanted from a card game, the aesthetics are just 👌👌👌

Game is great when you can actually play it. I took a break and uninstalled to free up space (because the game is 4GB thicc), and after reinstalling it tonight had tons of freezes even trying to open/load the home screen. Will adjust this score accordingly when I come back again later down the road and find that the game loads properly once again.

The game is overall fun and enjoyable. The only problem is the frequent reconnecting kicking me out of matches and sometimes there seems to be a delay on actions.

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