Olympus Rising: Tower Defense is an engaging mobile game that takes players on an epic adventure through Greek mythology. As a divine hero, you must defend Mount Olympus from hordes of mythical creatures and rival gods. Build a formidable base, strategically place towers and defenses, and unleash powerful abilities to crush your enemies. With breathtaking graphics and intense gameplay, Olympus Rising offers hours of immersive fun. Join forces with other players in alliances, team up in epic battles, and prove your worth as a true hero in this thrilling tower defense game.

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It's a pretty cool game. It's a tower defense style game but more involved than they usually are. Instead of placing towers and watching the waves of enemies go by, you play as the wave of enemies and you have to get past the NPC or enemy player towers. You place towers around your base and the enemy has to get through your towers. Pretty fun game, I wasn't a fan of the character models but that's a personal issue, not one of the games. Definitely try it out!

Ive put so much hours and time into this game, but unfortunately all my hard work goes to show that the developer can take that away in a heart beat. I've lost so much trophy in one day, my hard work gone in a week or 2. I've have slow down on playing and just focus on war. If you decided to play just be ready to be rob from higher players. Nothing you can do. Also when leaving game on autoplay sometimes my hero spins around in circles, this glitch has never been fix.

Much too complicated. There's way too much going on at the same time, and way too little of it is explained. Oh, I'm sure that if I dig enough, I can find the information SOMEWHERE, but I shouldn't have to do that. The devs should make the game easier to understand, even if that means limiting (further) the number of features available in the beginning. Give me time to absorb one concept before slapping me in the face with 6 more. ... Devs get 2 stars for the huge amount of time they spent, tho.

It takes WAY too long to advance your city and troops. You cant advance anything without have to upgrade 10 to 15 things before you are able to. If you want to upgrade something you must upgrade over 10 unnecessary things before you can do anything. Progress in this game is excruciatingly slow. Battle takes a huge amount of stamina. So many in fact that you can only manage 3 or 4 a day then you will be forced to call it quits. Good for casual players only.

It's a good game it's just Everytime I get any kind of chests it it will let me start to collect them then restarts my game rate in the middle.of the process and I lose all my items it gives me but yet says it's still collected but not in my inventory doesn't make any sense

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Greek Gods clash at Mount Olympus! Battle epic heroes and build defense strategy Improved cheat detection
Various improvements, polishing and bug fixing.

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